Mission Statement

Zelman Development Co. has been an active participant in the commercial real estate industry for over 35 years. The real estate industry has gone through many changes and many cycles during this period. Vacancy rates rise and fall, user requirements change, and demographics shift. However, our real business never changes. We combine our skills and business relationships with the requirements of the users, investors, and lenders involved in our projects to create value for all concerned.

Achieving the goal of value creation while satisfying the needs of the communities we work in is the real test of our success. There is more to success than simply achieving an economic return. We strive to create projects that serve the needs of communities we work in. We constantly strive to bring positive impacts to these communities. Whether we are creating a “Town Center” in Encinitas or Burbank, California, or a workplace in San Francisco or Seattle, people live and work in the places we design and build. Creating value for consumers and industry by delivering new products, services, and employers to their communities is the ultimate reward for our efforts.

The formula for achieving these goals in the 1960’s, 1990’s or now has not changed. Every project we undertake requires the successful completion of myriad contracts, leases, loans and investment decisions. Every one of these small pieces of a larger project revolves around one simple thing: Partnering. Every contract or agreement we complete we view as a partnership. Over the long term, we cannot be successful if the user is not successful, and we cannot be successful if the project does not successfully fill a need for its community. Similarly, the partnerships we form with our lenders and investors must succeed for us to succeed.

We acquire land and underutilized property for the purpose of adding value through development. Our focus is community shopping centers, industrial and R&D properties. As we approach our fifth decade in business we discover that as much as things appear to have changed, they are really just the same.

Ben Reiling
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Zelman Development Co.